This tutorial will walk you through setting up a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter to allow PXE booting. This tutorial assumes that you have a TFTP & NFS Server running on A complete PXE setup guide is located here.

  1. Login to router via ssh, enter configure mode
  2. Add bootfile-server option to DHCP config
    edit service dhcp-server shared-network-name subnet
    set bootfile-server
  3. Add filename option to DHCP config. Make sure to encapsulate the file path in "
    set subnet-parameters "filename "/pxe-boot/pxelinux.0";"
  4. Depending on your configuration, you may also need to add the bootfile-name parameter
    set bootfile-name /pxe-boot/pxelinux.0
  5. Commit and save


Note: If your DHCP server stops handing out new leases after making this change, Upgrade your OS to at least 1.3.0