Provides a GUI usable for a headless server with multiple drives. Can sling through a SOCKS proxy

Requires MakeMKV, QT 4, mkisofs (For ISO functionality), Python 2.7 (have not tested other versions), PyQt4 (on client), socksipy-branch (on server and client)


  • 0.61.1 Release
    This release resolves KeyError that was brought about by the MakeMKV 1.8.3 update -
    0.61 Release implements server side caching in a less buggy way
  • 0.53.1 Release (No Server Side Caching)
    0.53 Release - Upgraded GUI, bugfixes, and new socket model. New package structure, offloaded settings. Overhauled efficiency. Added auto title selection. Hopefully now also Windows compatible. 
    0.53.1 - Bugfix


Edit remote_makemkv/

Variable Description
HOST Server address
PORT The port that everything runs on
PROXY_HOST To forward through SOCKS Proxy
OUT_PATH Output directory on the server
DRIVE_NAME_MAPS Name the disc drives. Key is drive location, value is name
OUTLIER_MODIFIER If title size is below disc_size_upper_quartile * OUTLIER_MODIFIER, it will be red and unchecked

Default MakeMKV selection profile as defined in $MAKEMKVPATH/settings.conf will be used for track selections


bash:~$ python server/

Client (Has been tested from Windows 7 & 8):

cmd> python client/

  • On the client, click Refresh Drives to get information from disc drives (this would be equivalent to opening the makemkv gui to scan the drives, then one instance per drive for detailed disc information — runs makemkvcon -r info, then one thread per drive of makemkvcon -r --noscan info dev:/dev/sr# on server).
  • Use the check boxes to select the track(s) to rip for each disc. Use the text area to rename the disc if necessary.
  • Tracks are sorted by size
  • Click Rip to rip the selected tracks from the associated disc, or the Rip Selected button to rip all selected tracks from all discs
  • Click To ISO to decrypt the entire disc and save to an ISO image
  • Once rip has completed, The status is output inline and the buttons become clickable again

Additional Features

  • Server side caching so that one client can pick up where another left off
  • Automatic folder/file name normalization
  • Semi-Auto Title Selection (If title size is 50% below the upper quartile of title sizes, it will be marked red and not checked)
  • Can make full decrypted disc backups to ISO using To ISO button
  • Safeguards to prevent multiple scans on the same drive at the same time
  • Because I have multiple drives, I had the need to name them.. use the DRIVE_NAME_MAPS variable to change them – format is 'linux_drive_location' : 'name'.

    • Drives can be enumerated with wodim --devices or sudo cat /var/log/dmesg | egrep '(CD|DVD|BD)'

Known Issues

Ticketing System


Remote MakeMKV Client
Remote MakeMKV Client – 0.5 Release
Remote MakeMKV Server
Remote MakeMKV Server – 0.5 Release

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