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//**Provides a GUI usable for a headless server with multiple drives. Can sling through a SOCKS proxy**//
**Requires [[|MakeMKV]], [[|QT 4]], `mkisofs` (For ISO functionality), `Python 2.7` (have not tested other versions), `PyQt4` (on client), `socksipy-branch` (on server and client)**
* [[|0.61.1 Release]]
This release resolves KeyError that was brought about by the MakeMKV 1.8.3 update –
0.61 Release implements server side caching in a less buggy way
* [[|0.53.1 Release (No Server Side Caching)]]
0.53 Release – Upgraded GUI, bugfixes, and new socket model. New package structure, offloaded settings. Overhauled efficiency. Added auto title selection. Hopefully now also Windows compatible.

0.53.1 – Bugfix
**Edit `remote_makemkv/`**
! **Variable** !! **Description**
| HOST || Server address
| PORT || The port that everything runs on
| PROXY_HOST || To forward through SOCKS Proxy
| PROXY_PORT || SOCKS proxy port
| OUT_PATH || Output directory on the server
| DRIVE_NAME_MAPS || Name the disc drives. Key is drive location, value is name
| OUTLIER_MODIFIER || If title size is below `disc_size_upper_quartile * OUTLIER_MODIFIER`, it will be red and unchecked
**Default MakeMKV selection profile as defined in $MAKEMKVPATH/settings.conf will be used for track selections**

bash:~$ python server/

Client (Has been tested from Windows 7 & 8):
cmd> python client/

* On the client, click `Refresh Drives` to get information from disc drives (this would be equivalent to opening the makemkv gui to scan the drives, then one instance per drive for detailed disc information — runs `makemkvcon -r info`, then one thread per drive of `makemkvcon -r –noscan info dev:/dev/sr#` on server).
* Use the check boxes to select the track(s) to rip for each disc. Use the text area to rename the disc if necessary.
* Tracks are sorted by size
* Click `Rip` to rip the selected tracks from the associated disc, or the `Rip Selected` button to rip all selected tracks from all discs
* Click `To ISO` to decrypt the entire disc and save to an ISO image
* Once rip has completed, The status is output inline and the buttons become clickable again
=Additional Features=
* Server side caching so that one client can pick up where another left off
* Automatic folder/file name normalization
* Semi-Auto Title Selection (If title size is 50% below the upper quartile of title sizes, it will be marked red and not checked)
* Can make full decrypted disc backups to ISO using `To ISO` button
* Safeguards to prevent multiple scans on the same drive at the same time
* Because I have multiple drives, I had the need to name them.. use the `DRIVE_NAME_MAPS` variable to change them – format is `’linux_drive_location’ : ‘name’`.
** Drives can be enumerated with `wodim –devices` or `sudo cat /var/log/dmesg | egrep ‘(CD|DVD|BD)’`
=Known Issues=
[[|Ticketing System]]

=Mercurial Repo=





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