Generic Worker Thread – PyQT

Below is a generic threading worker in PyQT:
{{{ lang=python lines=1
from PyQt4 import QtGui, QtCore
import logging

class worker_thread(QtCore.QThread):
## Generic worker thread
finished = QtCore.pyqtSignal(dict) #< Replace this for data type that will be returned def __init__(self, ret_function, function, *args, **kwargs): ## Init # @param Function ret_function Function to run on end # @param Function function Function to run on start # @param List *args args to pass to function # @param Dict **kwargs Keyword args to pass to function super(worker_thread, self).__init__() self.function = function self.finished.connect(ret_function) self.args = args self.kwargs = kwargs def __del__(self): ## No exceptions self.wait() def run(self): ## Thread finished, run function with args logging.debug('End Thread') ret = self.function(*self.args,**self.kwargs) self.finished.emit( ret ) #< Emit the return value }}} Usage: {{{ lang=python lines=1 def function(): logging.debug( 'Thread running.' ) #< Thread start return { 'thread_return' : 'This was a success' } #< Return a dict, as expected by finished() signal def return_function(dict_in): logging.debug( dict_in ) #< Print the input thread = worker_thread(return_function, function) #< Make it thread.start() #< Run it }}}






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