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  • Deploying a Fully Dockerized Runbot

    [[[TOC]]] = Foreword = In this article, we will deploy a fully Dockerized Runbot for use with testing or demoing your Odoo modules. Runbot is a module for Odoo that will build, test, and subsequently run other Odoo instances based on commits in a git repo. For more information on using Runbot, check out these […]

  • Using Bamboo to Test Odoo on Ubuntu

    Using Bamboo to Test Odoo on Ubuntu

    —- [[[TOC]]] = Foreword = This article will walk you through the process of using [[https://www.atlassian.com/software/bamboo|Atlassian Bamboo]] to test [[https://odoo.com|Odoo]] on Ubuntu 14.04 and above. The Odoo community typically uses [[https://travis-ci.org/laslabs|TravisCI]] & [[https://runbot.laslabs.io/runbot|RunBot]] to perform all unit/acceptance testing. This is an excellent workflow if you exclusively use [[https://github.com|Github]] for version control. This is not the […]