Category: Node.js

  • Node MakeMKV v0.1.0-beta

    I have just released the first [[|beta]] of [[|Node-MakeMKV]]. This project wraps makemkvcon to create a MakeMKV Web UI. This release contains a significant amount of bug fixes from the alpha release. There is now also support for ripping of directories and image files located inside of `source_dir` (as defined in the settings.) Current planned…

  • Benchmarking Go, Node, Python & PyPy

    I was just recently introduced to [[|Go]], and it seems to offer some great features. I wrote a few simple benchmarks to evaluate Go against [[|Node.js]] and [[|Python]]/[[|PyPy]] in terms of speed. The results initially surprised me, but a user comment guided me to update Golang because they have made a lot of optimizations since…

  • Node-MakeMKV v0.0.1-alpha

    I have just finished and released the Alpha version of Node-MakeMKV. It is defintely rough around the edges at this point, but it seems to work well enough to warrant public release. Take a look [[projects:remote-makemkv|here]] for the script and associated docs.