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  • OpenVPN Server Configuration Script – Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite

    =The lazy way to configure OpenVPN Server on a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite= I have a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite that I use as a staging platform for systems in production. Because I have had to reconfigure the VPN so many times on this device, I created a simple Python tool to run through the entire process […]

  • Dynamic DNS Using LibCloud – EdgeRouter

    This tutorial is aimed for users with a dynamic IP, and a DNS host that does not support DynDNS. Basically, we will push our new IP every time that it changes. The steps outlined in this tutorial will work with the providers listed in [[https://ci.apache.org/projects/libcloud/docs/dns/supported_providers.html#provider-matrix|Apache’s documentation]], but I have only actually tested with Rackspace. === […]

  • Active Directory Auth – Ubiquiti EdgeRouter

    In this tutorial, we will configure EdgeRouter Active Directory Authentication. This will allow you to login to your EdgeRouter using your Active Directory accounts. There are a few different methods to go about this, we will use `sssd` because it is recommended by [[https://access.redhat.com/site/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/6/html/Deployment_Guide/SSSD-Introduction.html|Red Hat]] # [[http://community.ubnt.com/t5/EdgeMAX-CLI-Basics-Knowledge/Add-Other-Debian-Packages-to-EdgeOS/ta-p/413071|Add Debian Repos]] # Escalate to root {{{ sudo […]

  • Configure OpenVPN with X.509 – Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite

    In this tutorial, we will be configuring an OpenVPN server with X.509 certs on a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite. We will also go through how to connect a remote Linux client to the VPN. Below is a physical network diagram: {{{ +——————————–+ | Ubiquiti ERL | (Public IP)| | =============={eth2 eth0}============= | \ / | | […]

  • NAT Reflection – Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite & Dynamic IP

    [[[TOC]]] = Intro = NAT Loopback/hairpin/reflection allows internal clients to access internal resources using an external IP/hostname. This is useful when you run a server inside of a local network, and would like to access it using your domain name/external IP. NAT reflection is fairly simple to accomplish, but becomes a manual process if you […]

  • Dynamic DNS with Ubiquiti EdgeRouter (Vyatta)

    This tutorial will walk you through the process of setting up Dynamic DNS on an EdgeRouter. In my network topology, the WAN is connected to `eth2`; change that to whatever interface you would like. Create an account with a supported service provider. If you do not want to use one of the below providers, I […]