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  • Installing Node.js and CoffeeScript

    This tutorial is intended to provide a simple walk through on installing [[|Node.js]] and [[|CoffeeScript]]. ==Pre-reqs== * Install `Git` {{{ lang=bash # RHEL/CentOS sudo yum install git # Debian/Ubuntu sudo apt-get install git }}} ==Node.js== * Clone the node.js git repo {{{ lang=bash git clone }}} * Compile and install {{{ lang=bash cd node […]

  • Couldn’t get lock on destination repos – SVNSync

    To fix this issue, remove the lock property on the remote repository via svn command line. The lock property is typically left after an incomplete synchronization, and can be removed with the below command: {{{ svn propdel –revprop -r0 svn:sync-lock file:///path/to/repository/mirror }}}