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  • Mercurial/Trac Changeset Hook

    Below is a Mecurial changegroup hook to modify tickets on a remote Trac instance using XML-RPC. To use it, place the following in your hgrc (make necessary changes in [trac-hook] section). * File: repo/.hg/hgrc {{{ lang=ini [extensions] trac_hg_hook = /path/to/ [hooks] changegroup.sync = python:trac_hg_hook.hook [trac-hook] trac_root = /var/lib/trac api_url = repo_name = test python_eggs […]

  • Reorder all fields in Trac

    We decided to add a business justification field to our Trac instance today, but needed to put it directly below the description field so that it was in a more logical position for the users. It is not possible to intermingle custom ticket fields with standard ones (from within Trac), so editing the ticket template […]

  • Trac Workflow

    This is my Trac Ticket Workflow. I will work on making a visualization to explain what is happening here (the complexity was too much for Trac’s workflow visualizer), but I will go ahead and post in the hopes that it is useful. {{{ awaiting_evidence = reviewing,reopened,new,failed_testing,in_dev -> awaiting_evidence = Awaiting Evidence awaiting_evidence.operations = leave_status […]

  • Syncing a remote SVN repository with svnsync

    * Create a blank repository on the destination server {{{ mkdir /var/svn/my_project svnadmin create /var/svn/my_project }}} * Create (and make executable) the svn pre-revprop-change hook. You can do whatever you would like with this script, but that will not be covered here. {{{ echo ‘#!/bin/sh’ > /var/svn/my_project/hooks/pre-revprop-change chmod +x /var/svn/my_project/hooks/pre-revprop-change }}} * Initialize the source […]

  • Adding HTML Emails To Trac 1.0.1

    [[[TOC]]] ——- =Intro= Below is a patch to add HTML Emails to Trac and below that is a sample template to generate a nice looking email. The completed file can be located [[|Here]] and should be placed in `trac/ticket/`. This patch has been tested with [[|Trac 1.0.1dev-r11400]]. Because we will be mucking with Trac’s source, […]

  • Setup Trac w/ multiple projects, mod_wsgi, LDAP & MySQL – Ubuntu 12.10

    [[[TOC]]] —– = Installation = {{{ sudo apt-get install -y apache2 libapache2-mod-python python-setuptools python-genshi mysql-server python-mysqldb easy_install a2enmod #< Base Packages sudo apt-get install -y libapache2-mod-wsgi #< WSGI support sudo apt-get install -y subversion #< Subversion (not covering the config) sudo easy_install trac #< Trac }}} ------------ = Prep MySQL = * Log in {{{ […]