Odoo Sales Order Contract Create

Using Odoo – Creating a Contract That Includes a Sales Order

In this tutorial we will explain how to create a contract for a customer while including a sales order on the contract in Odoo. We will break this into three section, which are:

# **Starting the Contract** – Opening a contract and providing all necessary information for the terms.

# **Renewal** – Set dates for contract and options for renewal of the contract if necessary.

# **Adding Sales Order** – We will add a sales order to our contract.



=Starting the Contract=

To create a new contract we want to navigate to,




# Sales
# Contract
# Create


Once in the contract we have the choices for,


# **Account/Contract Name** –  Will be auto-populated once a customer name is selected to “Contract: ‘Customer Name’”. If a custom name is selected, the name will remain the same and not auto-populate once a customer is selected.
# **Customer** –  Name of Customer associated with the contract.
# **Account Manager** – Representative who is handling the contract. Will auto populate to whoever is signed in at the time making the contract. Can be changed if needed.
# **Template of Contract** – If you feel that this contract will be used multiple times, it would be best to use this option. Click “Create and Edit” and you will basically get taken to this exact step, only at the end the contract will be saved as a template to be used in the future.
# **Reference Number** – Auto-populated but can be edited if needed.
# **Parent Analytic Account** – Mainly unused, so will skip.

= Renewal =




Now you want to move on to the Renewal section were the dates are selected for the contract by clicking on “To Renew” in the top-left corner.


Here you will select the dates of the rental, and the quantity of prepaid units. Depending on if this rental has multiple services, you can have a pre-set of units available for the rental that, if “consumed”, would be the terms of those units being used in the contract.

As the description states, if the contract date ends or the amount of service units is reached, the account manager will be emailed to renew the contract automatically.

You can also renew the contract at any time by selecting the renew option on the top of the contract.

= Adding Sales Order =

Now you can move on to the Invoice section where we will add a Sales Order to the Contract.

[[image:Contract4.png|link=source| center]]

To open a new Sales order in the Contract we want to-

# Check the box next to “Fixed Pricing”
# Select “Sales Order” on the right-hand side

Next, you will be taken to another create option.
# Notice that the path of this Sales Order is not the same as a usual on, it is within the contract.
# Select “Create” to move on to the Quotation for the Sales Order.

If you need any assistance creating the Sales Order, check out Creating a Sales Order to get more information.


Once your Sales Order is complete, we want to Save. Now we have added a Sales order to a contract.


In our next module we will move on to Creating an Invoice on this contract in Odoo.





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